The European Cancer Center (EuCC) is a multicentric and interdisciplinary organisation of the three Universities of the Upper Rhine in Strasbourg (France), Basel (Switzerland), and Freiburg (Germany).

The EuCC member institutions are the clinical departments of hematology and medical oncology and basic cancer research institutions of these universities.

The EuCC is under the auspices of EUCOR, the European Confederation of the Universities of the Upper Rhine.

The Goals of the EuCC are

  • the exchange of information and scientific know-how
  • the improvement and intensification of cooperations between clinical centers and basic research institutions as well as between universities and pharmaceutical industry
  • the initiation of collaborative projects in research and education

The activities of the EuCC to achieve these goals are:

  • the annual EuCC Symposium and Paul Basset-Award for the best presentation by a junior scientist
  • the award of the Paul Basset Medal for special merits toward the goals of the EuCC
  • the promotion of information exchange through the internet

The EuCC was founded on July 08,1992 in Freiburg due to an initiative of Prof. Dr. J.P. Obrecht (Basel) and Prof. Dr. R. Mertelsmann (Freiburg). Additional founding members were Prof. Dr. R. Herrmann (Basel), Prof. Dr. P. Dufour and Prof. Dr. J.P. Bergerat (Strasbourg). Founding President was Prof. Obrecht.
The current President of the EuCC is Prof. Bergerat of the Service d'Oncologie in the Hôpital de Hautepierre, Strasbourg.